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Done with my Internship which feels like its been soooooooooooooooooooooo much longer than just three months. I have learned so much!  They are letting me keep volunteering and *drum roll* they have 3 positions opening up and another one in June! the lead tech and all the employees love me xD they call me rock star. so keep your fingers crossed it's looking good for me!

on a more depressing note, my joints have been hurting so much lately. Not just cause im clumsy and roll my ankle all the time. Turns out......I MIGHT HAVE RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS!  spent four hours at the ER just so i can be referred to a rheumatologist. So i am on a quest to get county insurance so someone can fix my constant pain.

Life has been crazy since we moved back to Sacramento. I am still trying to figure out what i want to do with my life. I am thinking maybe Medical examiner but that is still another 13 years of schooling. My friend in the police dept. is arranging for me to sit in on an autopsy, which will be awesome and also let me know if i can stand seeing people cut open. 

I'm going to definitely be on here more now that my life is settling down. also keep Roge in your prayers he is going in for surgery on the 9th for a feeding tube since i cant get enough weight on him. i  hope everything goes fine cause the poor boy could really use an extra 1000 cals a day. They told us that it is a simple procedure so lets hope everything goes good <3

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Busy Busy Busy!

Just got back from WY.
I really would never want to live there, like ever. Not even sure i have a desire to visit there again. ive seen everything worth seeing there the first time i went like 10 years ago. i have to say it was nice and cool there compared to here, it even rained which was nice. but its at like 7000 ft. above sea level so hard to breathe and someone had the brilliant idea to play soccer, i about died. the air was too dry and we were too high that it made it super hard to breathe. My body still feels bruised from playing; guess its been too long.

the wedding was very upsetting, it wasnt even mine but it was just so unorganized and nothing was done.
i volunteered to do the sound and everything seemed to go wrong cause i kept asking for the cds at the rehearsal and no one would give me anything. turns out one of the disks didnt work.... go figure i found out like 10 mins before the ceremony despite me asking for a day and 3 hrs for the disk to test it.
the alternate one they gave me 1 min before they started ended up skipping on their way out and i just felt like screw it and let it  keep skipping XD

roger has way too much family and we are pretty sure someone stole $60 from us there which is entirely upsetting. wtf seriously i need to watch my purse in a room full of people i know.

the train was ok it was nice to be able to walk around and not be stuck in a car for 11 hrs.
the train ride was 15 hrs soooo long and its really not nice to sleep in those seats. food was gross and way over priced but going over the MT.s was super!
turns out we brought home a new little pet when we got back from the train too... a roach... seriously wtf train
so we have to have the apts come spray cause we killed one but who knows if more are lurking from our luggage.
also we thought parking was free turns out not
now we have 3 parking tickets all at like $45

this was really the worst vacation ever. i was so busy and had no time to relax didnt have too much fun and the end result seemed to just have put us in a worse mood as the week went on. its safe to say we will not be seeing family for a very long time... and the train i have mixed feelings about riding it again.

that was the super condensed version of my trip

one upside got to meet a couple russians and tried some borsh (sp?)
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She's a highborn lady of quality

So im a little bummed i wont see victoria this summer but hopefully one day <3

Things have been going nice lately. I got promoted which came with a few more hours and a .50 cent raise. I made a new friend this week and Syu was really really nice. Im trying to get the house clean so i can finish a few sewing projects ive been working on. I have also been watching waaaaaaaay too much television. Well its all from the computer but it has seriously been too much. I think i can get to easily addicted to shows, its not healthy.
Yesterday we did join a gym roge needs to get his lungs healthy and i need to be less fat.

let just say i hate the stair steppers sooooooo much. I thought i was going to die >.>

Also went to the library this week and found a super awesome book about infectious diseases you have no idea how happy i was to see that book even if it is 20 years old. Ive started reading it and seriously it is the most fascinating thing i have read in a while.

Not looking forward to the week we have to spend in WY though this summer. Roger is in his cousins wedding and so we have to trek all the way out there. A couple days would be ok but the last time i was in WY it was soooo boring and that was with people i knew more than i know his cousins. but w/e roge is going to take me to the store that was in SLC punks and that makes the trip worth it! that and i think i might want to get my tan back to open sunny fields of nothingness would be good for that.

i did nothing for my mom for mothers day. i wrote her an email but im still upset with her about the whole college thing since she cant seen to let it go...
i was suppose to work anyway so i didnt tell her any different.

A few things that made me laugh today ^ <3

Oh i did finally get around to updating my dumb tutorial. it was actually a bigger pain then i thought it would be cause i tried to be super specific about it.

anyway more cleaning before bed.
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just on the other side of angry

So dont most parents want their kids to grow up to be doctors?
i mean my whole life my mom and teachers have told me i can be anything i want, but when i actually start to try and do the things that i want my mom hates it.

in high school i wanted to be a film editor cause i was in a class and i absolutely loved it (was really good at it too) but for two years all i heard from my mom was negative things. so much to the point that i threw away all my applications and brochures to film school. she told me i need a more realistic dream something that i can "actually do" sounds a little bitchy of her doesnt it?

she wants me to be an accountant and i was like stuff that i hate doing that kind of math. she kept pressuring me to get a job at a bank but i decided just to focus on my general studies until i figured out what i wanted from college. she got upset when i got a job at mcdonalds but seriously in a small town no one else would hire a kid just out of high school. when i quit she told me i needed a new job (i was there just over 2 years) and she told me i needed to apply at other fast food places since that seemed to be my nitch. now ive never really been a family person, i have a little brother a mom and an almost non existent dad. I had to raise my brother who is only a year younger than me cause my mom was always working and my dad was in rehab. but my mom, i didnt have a connection with her and things like this make me all the more happy i am further away from her now.

I have two years of comm. college but none of it really goes towards anything cause, how do you pick a new dream so easily? finally i decided on genetics. i have a cousin who just graduated from UC Davis in genetics and i really admired her. i have always loved viruses so i thought hey i could be an epidemiologist and you know what i plan on being one. My husband talked me into getting my PhD and i thought why not. I have 6 classes left until i can transfer to the university (1 summer school class; and then two semesters). after moving to sac it finally feels like im starting to do something with my life, that it actually feels like my life not the one my mom was forcing on me. When my mom calls i try not to answer but after so many weeks its hard to ignore her. I tell her how close i am to university and all she can talk about is how much money it will cost. she lectures me for hours at a time on how i shouldnt get a student loan i dont need that kind of debt.

seriously mom WTF!!!!!

she wants me to go to trade school and be a phlebotomist instead of being a doctor.

what kind of decent parent would want that for their child????

im just super upset with her right now.
and when i finally get through school it will be b/c of myself. I want to get there on my own so i dont have to owe her or my dead beat dad anything.
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“The question we’re trying to answer is, ‘Does the periodic table come to an end, and if so, where does it end?’ ” ~Dr. Moody

I must indulge you all in my current happiness. they discovered a new element <3
no one seems to be quite as excited as i am, but thats ok im happy enough for the lot of us.

in case anyone is interested here is the link to the article and i cannot wait until they give the element an official name. Im just happy i didnt beg for my periodic table giant poster for my house yet ^^ ill wait until 117 gets named and put on there.



Am a little excited and a little scared but I'm going to be a mommy soon <3

at least now i will have a reason to buy from Shirley Temple.


now i feel a little bad for saying such a thing seeing as how everyone was so excited.

maybe someday i will be a mommy but not anytime soon

maybe i need to work on my april fools jokes <3

love you all