Deadly Poppy

19 September 1988
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Welcome, I'm Kristina but more commonly go by Rommie

I love cake and shoes. I am deeply into Lolita fashion and love Angelic Pretty like any devout sweet lolita. I love science as i am working towards a degree in genetics and epidemiology (infections diseases). I love classic science fiction such as Ray Bradbury and Jules Vern. I love movies only good ones though so dont waist my time with low quality or poorly constructed movies, i can be very picky as my expectations are high, blame it on my years in video production. I have problems dotting my I's and writing capital letters im lazy like that. i love reading and writing.
If you add me please write as i might have a tendency to forget about you if you pretend i dont exist.

please read and enjoy and i hope that we can soon be friends.